Research Units
Research Units Attached to universities and schools
Research Unit in Cognitive Neurosciences, Speech-Language Pathology - U. of Algiers 2
Research Unit in Materials and Renewable Energy Sources - U. of Tlemcen
Research Unit in Social Sciences - U. of Batna 1
Research Unit in Emerging Materials - U. of Sétif 1
Research Unit in Human Resources Development - U. of Sétif 2
Research Unit in Modeling and Optimization of Systems - U. of Béjaïa
Research Unit in Structural Molecular and Environmental Chemistry - U. of Constantine 1
Research Unit in Valorization of Natural Resources, Bio-active Molecules and Physicochemical and Biological Analyses - U. of Constantine 1
Research Unit in Materials and Applications Science - U. of Constantine 1
Research Unit in Urinary and Biliary Lithiasis - U. of Mostaganem
Research Unit in Social Sciences and Health - U. of Oran 2
Research Unit in Materials, Processes and Environment - U. of Boumerdès

Research Units Attached to EPST
Unit of Applied Research in Renewable Energy Sources (URAER/CDER) – Ghardaïa
Research Unit in Renewable Energy Sources in the Saharan Environment (URERMS/CDER)
Unit of Applied Research in Steel Industry and Metallurgy (URASM/CSC) – Annaba
Research Unit in Industrial Technology (URTI/CSC) - U. of BADJI MOKHTAR Annaba
Unit for the Development of Thin Layers and Applications (UDCMA/CSC) - Industrial Estate (Ex: ENPS) Sétif
Research Unit in Optics and Photonics (UROP/CDTA) – Sétif
Research Unit in Optoelectronic Components and Devices (URCDO/CDTA) – Sétif
Research Unit on Emerging Territories and Societies (URTES/CRASC) – Constantine
Research Unit in Analyses and Technology Development in Environment (URADTE/CRAPC) Tipaza
Research Unit on Culture, Communication, Languages, Literature and Arts (UCCLLA/CRASC) – Oran
Research Unit on Reality of Linguistics and Evolution of Linguistic Studies in Arab Countries (URRLEELPA/CRSTDLA) – Tlemcen
Research Unit on Linguistic Research and the Status of the Arabic Language in Algeria (URRLCLAA/CRSTDLA) – Ouargla
Research Unit in Translation and Terminology (URTT/CRASC) – Oran
Research Unit on Denomination Systems in Algeria (RASYD/CRASC) – Oran