Algerian Scientific Journal Platform
ASJP is an online production platform for national scientific journals. It is part of the implementation of the national system of scientific and technical information
Directory of Research Laboratories: DALILAB
The electronic directory of research laboratories of the DGRSDT "DALILAB" provides access to data concerning all research laboratories of higher education and scientific research. The search for a laboratory is done by its title
Algerian Portal for Renewable Energy Sources:
This portal aims to improve access to scientific and technical information and to facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources via the SIST system Algeria.
Platform for the Management of Heavy Scientific Equipment:
You need scientific equipment to carry out your research programmes, consult the "Heavy Scientific Equipment Management Platform" which will allow you to locate it by Management Platform" which will allow you to locate it by
Platform for the Management and Monitoring of the Projects of Implementation, Development, Equipping and Explo
High Performance Computing (HPC):
It is an area that brings together the hardware and software tools required to execute complex applications and techniques used in various academic and industrial fields such as hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals, medical imaging, meteorology and Physical simulations.
The National Thesis Reporting Portal (PNST):
It is a mechanism dealing with the national scientific production in the field of theses, in application of Order n°153 of 14 May 2012 regarding the creation of a central file of dissertations and theses and fixing the conditions of feeding, and use.
Financial situation:
Directorate of Administration and Financing of Scientific Research.

Your Portal to National and International Online Resources:
The SNDL gives you access to national and international electronic documentation, very rich and very varied, covering all fields of education and scientific research ...
Webreview is a federating site of scientific journals.