projects with a socioeconomic impact


The five-year programme of scientific research and technological development enshrined in law n° 08-05 of 23 February 2008 defined the 34 national research programmes (NRPs) in Article 10. Since January 2009, the DGRSDT has been working to mobilize experts to develop the contents to be tendered. No less than 15 regional groupings (Oran, Béjaïa, Annaba, Biskra, and Algiers) and national ones including Algerian researchers based abroad and representatives of various ministries have been organized to determine the research areas, main themes and themes as well as the procedures leading to the selection of research projects (prioritization of NRPs, templates, evaluation grid, CV of experts, remedies).

5200 project proposals have been received as a result of the call for tender launched in May 2010. After studying the criteria for administrative admissibility, 4093 projects were maintained and entrusted to the pilot institutions for scientific evaluation. This resulted in 2842 projects definitively selected after review of the remedies finalized in September 2011.

End-of-project evaluation of the 2732 NRP projects after two years of exercise :

the final evaluation process has started as from October 2013, it will be continued until December, taking in consideration the remedies of projects evaluated negatively. The experts decided after a double negative evaluation to suspend 235 projects from the 2732 renewed in June 2013. This number corresponds to a percentage of 8.6%.

Identification of projects of intersectoral nature that can be valorized :

In parallel with the presentation of the evaluation templates, the project holders were asked to draw up a descriptive report on the work carried out and to decide on the socioeconomic valorization of their work of research. More than 2200 detailed reports were submitted. Researchers, particularly in the fundamental sciences considered that their contribution was theoretical and does not go along with an economic valorization. Thus, the scientific committees of the pilot institutions have selected more than 1100 projects considered excellent and capable of being valorized.

A national committee of experts has been appointed by the DGRSDT to highlight the work carried out in a multisectoral approach that can give rise to a socioeconomic valorization. The specialized national committee has selected 312 projects of intersectoral nature that can be valorized. They are listed as follows:

The projects with a socioeconomic impact : 308 Online projects