Directorate of Research Programming, Evaluation and long-term Planning (DPREP)

The Article 9 of the Executive Decree n°13-81 of 30 January 2013, fixing the missions and organization of the Directorate-General for Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRSDT), defines the missions of the Directorate of Research Programming, Evaluation and long-term Planning (DPREP). It is responsible for :

• Coordinating the elaboration and implementation of the National Research Programmes included in the law n°98-11 of 29 Rabie Ethani 1419 corresponding to 22 August 1998, amended and supplemented, aforementioned;
• Making up the principles and proposing procedures to establish priorities;
• Initiating actions of long-term planning;
• Setting up research networks;
• Organizing periodic evaluation of the activities of scientific research and technological development;
• Contributing to the evaluation of the implementation of national research policy;
• Implementing the policy of participation in international, bilateral and multilateral research programmes;
• Ensuring the intersectoral coordination of research activities;

In order to accomplish its missions, the DPREP is composed of four sub-directorates that are :

Sub-directorate of Research Programming and long-term Planning:
Office of Research Programmes,
Office of long-term Planning.

Sub-directorate of Evaluation and Analysis:
. Office of Periodic Evaluation of Research Activities,
. Office of Monitoring Activities of the National Council of Evaluation of Scientific Research and Technological Development,
. Office of Analysis of Results of Research Evaluation.

Sub-directorate of International Research Programmes:
. Office of Picking up International Research Programmes,
. Office of Monitoring International Research Programmes.

Sub-directorate of Coordination of Intersectoral Research:
. Office of Coordination of Intersectoral Research Programmes,
. Office of Organization and Monitoring Research Advisory Boards.