The CSP (The Permanent Sectoral Committees)

Decree N°99-243 of 31 October 1999
Order fixing the list of CSP members at each ministerial department concerned by SRTD.

Mission defined by the law :
Ensure the promotion, coordination and evaluation of the activities of scientific research and technological development within the sector.

Missions defined in the application text :
The CSP is responsible, within the national policy of scientific research, for coordinating and evaluating the sectoral activities of SRTD. In this regard, it is responsible especially for :

  • Gathering and proposing the necessary elements to develop the sectoral policy of SRTD;
  • Dealing with the coordination of implementation and monitoring of research programmes and appreciate their results;
  • Appreciating and proposing the necessary human and financial means to implement the scientific research programmes;
  • Defining and proposing any action of training through research aiming to enhance the scientific potential;
  • Proposing the elements which contribute to draw up the reports of SRTD activities;
  • Studying and proposing any measure that is likely to encourage vulgarization, diffusion and valorization of SRTD results;
  • Evaluating the activities of cooperation in the field of SRTD;
  • Drawing up and updating the file of scientific and technical potential;
  • Giving an opinion on the projects of creating research laboratories and services within higher education and training establishments;
  • Consolidating the reports drafted by the evaluation bodies under the authority of the institutions of execution of research activities;
  • Proposing the sectoral programmes of scientific research to be funded by FNRSDT.

List of Standing Sectoral Committees (CSP) of Scientific Research and Technological Development of different Ministries
Ministry of the Interior Order of 6 October 2015 CSP renewed in 2015.
Vice-Minister of Defence, Chief of staff Order of 27 May 2001 CSP installed in 2001.
Ministry of Justice, Keeper of the Seals Order of 3 July 2013. CSP installed in 2013.
Ministry of Energy Order of 3 February 2001. CSP installed in 2001.
Ministry of Industry and Mines Order of 17 March 2009 CSP installed in 2009.
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishery Order of 20 April 2014.
Arrêté du 12 juillet 2010
CSP renewed in 2014.
Ministry of Religious Affair and Wakfs Order of 17 February 2016. CSP renewed in 2016.
Ministry of Moudjahidine Order of 6 November 2001. CSP installed in 2001.
Ministry of Water Resources and Environment / /
Ministry of Transport / /
Ministry of Public Works Order of 15 September 2009. CSP installed in 2009 & renewed in 2014.
Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Town AOrder of 4 March 2015. CSP renewed in 2015.
Ministry of Town and Country Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry / /
Ministry of Communication / /
Ministry of Education / /
Ministry of Culture Order of 19 July 2007. CSP installed in 2007.
Ministry of Vocational Training and Education Order of 3 August 2003. CSP installed in 2003
Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Status Order of 7 June 2015. CSP renewed in 2015.
Ministry of Trade Order of 22 May 2014. CSP renewed in 2014.
Ministry of Employment and Social Security Order of 5 May 2011. CSP installed in 2011.
Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Order of 11 January 2005. CSP installed in 2005 & modified in 2007.
Ministry of Youth and Sports / /
Ministry of Post Office and Information and Communication Technologies Order of 22 January 2015. CSP renewed in 2015.
Ministry of Relations with Parliament Order of 17 August 2010. /